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Born in Badalona (Spain).
When he was a child, he listened to jazz records at home, because his father was a fan of Art Blakey, T. Monk, Max Roach, Miles Davis, The Modern Jazz Quartet… At the same time, his sisters were listening on the radio station to some funk & soul music (James Brown, Ottis Redding, Sly & The Family Stone, Aretha Franklin…)
From the age of 10 to16 years he studied piano in Conservatory of The Liceu’s Theatre in Barcelona. The drums was his main instrument from the beginning, but he played it by self-taught.
From 1985 he had been member of a lot of groups in the Barcelona area, and he also leads his own quartet.
He’d played and/or recorded with John Abercrombie, Dave Douglas, Vince Mendoza, Dave Liebman, Fred Hersch, Norma Winstone, Tete Montoliu, Mark Feldman, Kurt Rosenwinkel, Ben Monder, Art Farmer, Charles Tolliver, Dave Schnitter, Chris Cheek, or Mulgrew Miller.
He plays in more than 80 jazz records.

Research and teaching

• In 2009 achieves a higher degree studied jazz at ESMUC.
• In 2008/09 he joined the faculty of the Jazz Department at the Conservatory of the Liceu.
• In March 2003, has given a lecture at Taller entitled «Drummer: a provocateur. Philosophy and role of drummers. »
• In 2001, he obtained a place to exercise ESMUC Professor (High Degree School of Music of Catalonia)
• 1992 N. Classes Charlie Persip York and Vernel Fournier.
• In 1991 he qualified as a Level of INCANOP.
• 1985-92: Professor at Taller de Músics.
• 1981 – 1983 Studies of harmony, music theory and drums in the Jazz and Modern Music Workshop teachers such as Angel Pereira, Pipo Tudurí, Andy Phillips, Antonio Peral, Daniel Roth…
• 1983 – 1986: Harmony, Battery Combos at Taller and teachers such as Aldo Caviglia, Zé Eduardo, Luis Vidal …
• 1974 – 1979 Studies at the Liceu Conservatory of Music (Music Theory and Piano)


 One of the most demanded drummers in Spain. He was founder and member of many groups from the early 80s. Currently plays with his own trio, «Trio Ugrix» and also with the group of Guillermo Klein, Emilio Solla and related Gorka Benitez, Carme Canela, Giulia Valle Group, Lluís Vidal, David Mengual, Dani Pérez, Iñaki Sandoval trio, Jordi Matas Organic Trio, etc..
With these groups he has performed at major jazz festivals thrughout Europe, Africa, America and Asia
He has also collaborated with the Chamber Orchestra of the Free Theater at the following shows:
• «Jazz in Europe Today» with music by Django Bates and Matthias Rüegg.
• «Four Fourth Opera» by Kurt Weil. Directed by Calixto Bieito.
• Miles Davis V.O. Universe
• «Jump Start» «Jazz,» ballets by Wynton Marsalis.
• «Program Sondheim» with Nina.
• «The third policeman,» with music by Django Bates.
• «Tributes: Duke Ellington»
• «Porgy & Bess» by George Gershwin.
• «Open Music» with Vince Mendoza and John Abercrombie
• «Company» Music S. Sondheim directed by Calixto Bieito
• «Pandora» by Robert Gerhard
• «Open Music» with Dave Liebman
• «Soundtrack», directed by Josep Pons and Manuel Huerga
• Jazz, too: «Four times a day»
• «Open Music» with Dave Liebman
• «Pandora» by Robert Gerhard
• «Company» Music S. Sondheim directed by Calixto Bieito
• «Open Music» with Vince Mendoza and John Abercrombie
• «Porgy & Bess» by George Gershwin.
• «Tributes: Duke Ellington»
• «The third policeman,» with music by Django Bates.
• «Program Sondheim» with Nina.
«Jump Star»+ «Jazz», ballets de Wynton Marsalis.
With the trio of Lluís Vidal acted as soloist with the Symphony Orchestra of Granada on several occasions, including a tour with the music of Kurt Weill and accompanying Ana Belén and Miguel Ríos. They also soloist with the National Chamber Orchestra of Andorra and Chamber Orchestra «Andres Segovia» in Madrid.
He has collaborated with the Euskadi Symphony Orchestra as a guest soloist in the San Sebastian Film Festival and directed by Lalo Schifrin.
Collaborations with the brass quintet «Spanish Brass Luur Metals» playing music by Frank Zappa, among other shows.
Among his contributions as «free-lance» can name musicians of the caliber of John Abercrombie, Mulgrew Miller, Fred Hersch, Mark Feldman, Dave Douglas, Norma Winstone, Dave Liebman, Greg Osby, Ingrid Jensen, Tete Montoliu, Donald Harrison, Dave Schnitter, Vince Mendoza, Guillermo Klein, Charles Tolliver, Art Farmer, Sonny Fortune, Ben Monder, Donald Brown, Kurt Rosenwinkel, Allan Skidmore, Gerard Presencer, Jesse Davis, Salt Nistico, Bill McHenry, Gary Willis, Steve Brown, Chris Cheek, Michael Kaupa…


• Award Enderrock proposed new 2011 «Carme Canela sings Jordi Matas»
• Group in 2007 (Giulia Valle Group) as AMJM
• Award of the Association of Modern Music and Musicians Jazz drummer 2006
• Award of the Association of Modern Music and Musicians Jazz drummer 2005
• Award of the magazine JAÇ the album of the year for «Only the truth is sexy,» Gorka Benitez.
• Award of the magazine «Total Battery» jazz drummer in 2003
• Award of the magazine «Total Battery» jazz drummer in 2002
• Nominated for the Grammy album «Tango Reflections» Adrian Iaies.
• Award of the Association of Modern Music and Musicians Jazz drummer 2001
• Award AMJC the group in 2000 (David Xirgu Quartet)
• Special Mention National Radio (Radio 4) to record «Ugrix» for his contribution to jazz Catalan.
• Hard Catalan in 1997 «Introducing C. Canela & Trio «awarded by National Radio – Radio 4
• In ’97 get the awards for album of the year and Ugrix group in accordance with the Quartet David Xirgu AMJC
• National Radio Award for contribution to Jazz in Catalonia (Madagascar)
• AMJC award for best album for «Son Song» by Joan Monné trio
• Best of 1995 base as the soloist AMJC
• Best album according to AMJC «Night Train» by Louis Vidal threesome
• 1993 Award of AMJC the best battery and best group (Madagascar)
• Best jazz album of 1989 with the Orchestra Workshop + Tete Montoliu