Research and teaching

• In 2009 achieves a higher degree studied jazz at ESMUC.
• In 2008/09 he joined the faculty of the Jazz Department at the Conservatory of the Liceu.
• In March 2003, has given a lecture at Taller entitled “Drummer: a provocateur. Philosophy and role of drummers. ”
• In 2001, he obtained a place to exercise ESMUC Professor (High Degree School of Music of Catalonia)
• 1992 N. Classes Charlie Persip York and Vernel Fournier.
• In 1991 he qualified as a Level of INCANOP.
• 1985-92: Professor at Taller de Músics.
• 1981 – 1983 Studies of harmony, music theory and drums in the Jazz and Modern Music Workshop teachers such as Angel Pereira, Pipo Tudurí, Andy Phillips, Antonio Peral, Daniel Roth…
• 1983 – 1986: Harmony, Battery Combos at Taller and teachers such as Aldo Caviglia, Zé Eduardo, Luis Vidal …
• 1974 – 1979 Studies at the Liceu Conservatory of Music (Music Theory and Piano)